Survey Settings

The survey settings page is where you set the options for your survey. To access a survey’s settings, hover over the title of the survey in your dashboard and click Edit:

The survey settings are presented as a series of boxed areas, as detailed below.


The survey name is what appears in your folders list and is what is shown to the respondents.

If you check show participants a different name then you can define a name that the end users see, which may be different from the one that appears in your folders list. You might use these feature to organize your surveys (e.g. survey name is “Customer feedback 2010”) while showing your respondents something different (e.g. “Acme Co. Feedback”).

Note that once you save your survey, you’ll see its permalink beneath the name. You can edit survey permalinks as you see fit.

Additionally, you can change the folder the survey is stored in. Simply click on the dropdown, select the new folder that you wish to place the survey into, and then scroll down and click on the blue, “Save” button to ensure that your changes take effect.

Changing the folder will not affect the survey in anyway – the appearance, settings, embed codes, and responses all remain.


The survey style changes the appearance of your survey, as seen by your respondents. There are several built-in styles. Plain white is the default setting:

Using the blue scrollbar you can scroll through the styles. Click on a style to select it.

Advanced users can make use of the custom style feature which allows you to define your own CSS:

Selecting this will display a custom style selector:

Select one of your existing custom styles, or create a new one. When you assign a custom style to your survey, be sure to scroll down and click on the blue “Save” button so that your change takes effect.

Custom Messages

You can customise the message that is shown to respondents when they start and finish your survey.

Note that the custom start message will only appear if you check use a custom start message.

Pro and Corporate account holders can set up a custom finish message for their survey or choose to redirect participants to a URL on survey completion:

Automatic Closing Time

You can choose to set the survey to close automatically when a certain number of responses is received, or at a given time and date:

Note that an incomplete response is still classed as a response. You can always re-open a closed survey once the automatic settings has passed. To do so, click on your survey in the dashboard, then, on the right-hand side of the dashboard, click on “Closed” (which will be in grey text). Confirm the notice in the pop-up, and your survey will re-open.

Language Customisation

Language customisation allows you to change the text on certain elements of the survey, such as the submit button, etc. You can even change the default English text to any language of your choice.

Multiple Responses

Change this option to determine how many times a user can complete a survey.


You can restrict who has access to your survey by protecting it with a password or limiting access by IP address.

If you enable the password option then a password is required to participate in the survey. Note that if you try to access the survey and are logged in to the same browser then you will not be prompted for a password.

IP restrictions allow you to further restrict access to a specific IP address or range of addresses. You  may want to do this to ensure that only people in your company can access the survey. You can enter multiple IP addresses, each on a separate line. Use the asterisk * as a wildcard. For example:


This will allow all IP addresses from to