Custom Survey and Quiz Styles

If the default Surveydaddy styles don’t meet your fancy, you can create custom styles and apply them to your surveys and quizzes. To create and manage your styles, click on Custom Styles at the top of your Surveydaddy dashboard:

Next, on the big blue, Create a new… dropdown, Select Survey/Quiz Style:

Editing a style

When editing a style you will be presented with this page. First, name your style.

You can load an existing Surveydaddy style using the dropdown on the right:

You have full control over the CSS. If you wish to place a logo on your survey then you can make use of a background image. Full details about the HTML and CSS used on survey pages can be found in custom survey CSS guide. Once you’ve edited the CSS as you see fit, save your style, by clicking on the Create Style button:

To apply your custom style to your survey, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard and click Edit:

Under Survey Styles, click on the radio button next to Custom. From the dropdown, select the name of your new style, then edit the CSS declarations as you see fit.

Finally, save your survey by clicking on the Save button.

Editing, Deleting, and Previewing A Style

To Edit, Delete, or Preview a style, click on the appropriate button: