Surveydaddy Dashboard Overview

Here’s a summary of enhancements we’ve made to the Surveydaddy dashboard.

Here’s a screenshot of the new layout:

Global nav includes common tools

The new global navigation puts common tools Custom Styles, Language Packs, Email Groups, and Users at your fingertips on every page. Note, that only Corporate customers with multiple users on their accounts will see Users as part of their global navigation.:

One-click content creation

Use the big, blue, Create a new… dropdown to create a new poll, survey, quiz, or rating with the click of a button. One click takes you to the editing screen for your new poll, survey, quiz, or rating:

Content categories at your fingertips

Access all your surveys or quizzes by clicking on the appropriate category.

See all users’ content easily

If you’re a Corporate account holder with multiple users in your account, you can click on each user to see their content. Click on the Plus button to go to the user management page to add or delete new users or make changes to their privileges:

Folder management made simple

Click on the Plus button to add a new folder. Click on the Up/Down button and drag and drop your folders to re-arrange them. You can even nest folders. Learn more.

Bulk edit content with ease

Select multiple pieces of content by checking their checkboxes, then use the Move to dropdown to move multiple pieces of content to a new folder. Learn more.

Select multiple pieces of content by checking their checkboxes, then click on the Actions dropdown to Open, Close, Star, Unstar, or send content to the Trash. Learn more.

Search all your content in a snap

Type in a word in the search bar to Search bar to find content quickly and easily:

Order content as you please

Click on any content category (polls, surveys, quizzes, or ratings) and then click on the Order by dropdown to choose whether to order your content by Date, Name, or Results:

Account / Profile pages combined

Click on the Down arrow next to your name to check out the new Account page. There, you can change your profile picture, username, password, check out your billing history, or even delete your account. But don’t do that! It will make us sad. Learn more.