Moving and Managing Content and Folders

The dashboard makes moving and managing content and folders very easy. You can also mix content in folders, so you can organize your polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings, into projects or campaigns—or however you see fit!

To add a folder, click on the Plus button:

Name your folder, and then click on the blue Save button:

Hover over the folder bar to Rename your folder or Delete it:

Moving folders

To move a folder, click on the Up/Down button, then click and drag your folder to its new location:

Nest folders with ease

You can even nest folders by clicking and dragging a folder over and to the right of the destination folder. Note that nested folders are hidden from view until you click on the parent folder.

Check out the nifty nested folder. When you’ve made your move, click on the Done button:

Bulk move any content

You can move content into folder with the Move to dropdown. Select your content category from the left, and the piece of content you wish to move from the main dashboard area. (Select multiple pieces of content to do a bulk move.) Then, click on the Move to dropdown and select the destination folder. Easy, eh?