Using the Survey Monkey Importer

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to use the Survey Monkey Importer:

1. Choose a survey you created with Survey Monkey. You’ll need to grab a .zip file of the survey results.
2. Within Survey Monkey, Go to the Download Responses page.
3. In the Choose Type of Download section of the page, select All Responses Collected:

4. In the Choose Format area, select Spreadsheet Format. Be sure to select Expanded in the Columns dropdown:

5. From the Download History page, click on the Request Download button:

6. Once the data is ready for you, click on the Download link:

7. You will be asked to download a .zip file. Save it to your desktop.

8. Login to your Polldaddy dashboard. Click on the cog icon next to your name in the dashboard and select My Account from the dropdown menu:

9. Click on the Survey Monkey Importer button on the lower right hand side of the My Account page:

10. Click on the Choose File button. Navigate to your Survey Monkey .zip on your desktop and select it:

11. Now check over your survey:

12. The orange question marks signify questions or question groups from your Survey Monkey survey. Double check to make sure that the data types are mapped correctly. For example, in this question, “Free Text” was selected as the input type. We need to change it to “Name”:

13. Once you’ve reviewed your questions, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue, Import Survey button:

14. Once we’ve crunched the data, you’ll receive an email to let you know the results of the import and you’ll see the survey in your list of surveys in your Survey Dashboard: