Survey Data Filters

Survey filters create a subset of results based on conditions that you specify. Here’s how easy it is to create a data filter. Login in to your Surveydaddy dashboard. Hover over the title of the survey for which you’d like to set up a filter and click Reports:

Next, click on Data:

Next, click on Create a New Data Filter Now:

Next, give your filter a name, then select the question and answer by which you would like to filter your data. Be sure to click on the blue, Save button to create your filter:

Next, you’ll see your filter all set. Click on enable, to filter your data:

You’ll be taken to your survey results, filtered by your new data filter. Here, we can see that when it comes to ACME Widget users, the newspaper ad was most effective:

To remove the data filter from your results, click on the small “x” in the right-hand corner of the yellow filter bar.

For more, check out our screencast on Survey Reports and Data Filters