Sharing Reports

Sometimes you may want to share survey and/or quiz results with friends or colleagues, but don’t want to give them access to your account. You can do this using the Sharing feature. Here’s how to share a survey or quiz report. We’ll walk through the process with a survey to demonstrate, but the process is the same for quizzes.

First, hover over the title of your survey in your dashboard, and click Reports:

Click on the Data button:

Under the right-hand side, under Data Options click on the Share your reports link.

Note that a report can be shared amongst any number of people and each share can be configured differently. You can share one report multiple times with the same person, but with different settings for each share.

Changing the settings for any share will have an immediate effect. If you give someone access to a particular report you can revoke that at any time.

Adding A Share

To add a new share to a report click on the Add New Survey Share button:

Enter the email address of your share. You can either select a password or have one generated randomly. You can restrict access to specific reports by unchecking the share items. Your share will receive an email with the password and a link to where they can view the survey report. When you’re done setting up your share, click on the blue Confirm button:

You’ll be asked to review the share information. When you’re done, be sure to click on the blue, Email Above Access to User button:

Editing A Share

Note that changing the password will have an immediate effect – anyone currently viewing the share will need to enter the new password.

A share also has some additional options. Allowing a user to export data will give them access to the CSV and XML exports.

Deleting A Share

To delete a share click the delete button to the right of the share name:

Viewing Share Details

When you have created a share you can view the details: