Previewing your Survey

It’s a great idea to test your survey before you send it to participants. To do so, hover over the title of the survey you’d like to test and click Preview:

Clicking the preview button opens a new window with the survey in its final format. Note that a message will be displayed at the top of the page indicating that the survey is in “test mode,” and that no answers will be recorded. The final survey pages will not contain this message.

All I see is the last page!

A common problem when you try to preview is that you just see the last page of the survey. This is usually because the survey is set to allow only one response per computer. In this case, you probably responded earlier to the survey and when you returned to preview it the survey thinks it has been completed and directs you to the last page.

To reset the survey and allow you to preview the survey each time, do the following…

  • Clear your browsers cookies, more info here
  • Hover over the survey title and click Edit
  • Set the survey to allow multiple responses per computer
  • Save the survey

You should now be able to preview the survey without being directed to the last page. When you wish to launch the survey you can set the survey back to allowing one response per computer.