Using Surveydaddy on your Website or Blog

With Surveydaddy, you can create surveys and quizzes and embed them into your website or blog.

Integrating Surveys

Surveys differ from polls slightly: a poll uses only one question, where a survey is made up of multiple questions. Once you create a survey, you can copy and paste the survey’s URL to share with participants, create email groups to send your survey out via email, embed it in your web page, or download our free iOS app from the iTunes store to conduct surveys and quizzes offline, using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Talk about doing woman-on-the-street surveys! Surveydaddy’s iOS app makes it a snap.

Here’s how to create a survey.
Here’s more information on our iOS app.

Integrating Quizzes

You can create quizzes to test students or have some trivia fun at the workplace or with your customers. Just like surveys, you can create a URL to share, email it directly to participants, embed it directly into your website or as a pop-up, or save quizzes to conduct them on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch with our free application.

Here’s how to create a quiz.
Here’s more information on our iOS app.