Free Text

The free text question type allows you to collect free-form text of any kind. Although it is the most flexible question type, you should be careful about using this type as it is difficult to collate and compare answers. The ideal use for this question is to capture alternatives that do not fit into the other question types.


Include a note – Checking this will allow you to enter a note that will appear under your question. In our example, we’ve included the text, “The answers you provide are confidential.”

Mandatory – Checking this will make the question mandatory. The participant must answer the question to complete the survey.

Size – Changes the size of the text entry box. You can choose from among small, medium, or large textbox sizes.

Type – Select the type of free text (single line, multi-line, or password)

When you make changes to this question type, be sure to click on the blue, “Done Editing” button for your changes to take effect.

Respondent Display

This is how the question will look to your survey participants: