Exporting Data

If you have a Pro or Corporate account, you can export your survey, or quiz data to Excel, Google Docs, CSV, XML, and PDF formats. The process to export data is the same for surveys and quizzes.

We’ll walk through an exporting example using a quiz. Hover over the title of the quiz in your dashboard, Then click on Reports:

Then, click on Export:

When you click on Export, you’ll see an orange dropdown with five export options:


Export to PDF to get a report which you can view, print, and share as needed. Clicking on the PDF option creates a PDF in your current browser window that you can save to your computer.


This is the best option to use, if you’d like to export your data into Excel. We support Excel version 97 and up.

Google Docs

This method allows you to securely upload your data straight into a Google Docs account. Click on the Google Docs export option. You’ll receive an email confirmation when your export is ready, along with the link to the data in Google Docs. Naturally you can still export data from Polldaddy as Excel or CSV, and import those files into Google Docs if you like.


The CSV exporting option offers a more generic export format that has greater compatibility other software packages. Note that all data exported from Polldaddy is encoded as UTF-8. If your data contains non-English characters, then you may experience encoding problems if you open the file in Excel by double-clicking it. To get around this you need to import the CSV file through the import tool:

Then ensure that the UTF-8 encoding and delimited file type options are selected.

You then need to pick that a comma is used as a delimiter:

The data preview should show separate columns.


Use this if you wish to import your data using another tool.