Email Invitations for Surveys

The most important part of any survey is audience participation! There are various ways to distribute your survey and they can all be found by hovering over the title of your survey in your dashboard, and clicking on Embed:

You’ll see some embedding options. Click on Email at the bottom of the list:

First, you need to be sure you have an email group created and ready to go. From the embed screen you can then pick which groups to send the email to. Be sure to customize the text of the email before you send it.

We’ve got some special shortcodes you can use. Just insert them as you see them on the list below to personalize your invitation email. For example:

  • [survey] – Inserts the survey directly into the email (note that Outlook 2007 users will only see a link to the survey)
  • [firstname] – Inserts the recipient’s first name, as set in the email group
  • [lastname] – Inserts the recipient’s last name, as set in the email group
  • [link] – Inserts the survey link
  • [custom] – Custom data associated with the target

Note that this option is not available on free accounts.