Domain Mapping

This feature is available to corporate account holders and applies to surveys and quizzes.

Domain mapping allows corporate customers to map a subdomain to where we host surveys and quizzes. This way, you can make it appear that the survey or quiz is hosted on your domain. Here’s an example:

Your domain:

Map surveys to your domain:

Step 1 – Adding a CNAME

You’ll need to visit your domain name provider to add the new subdomain as a CNAME record in your DNS settings. An example is shown below:

Create a CNAME to map your subdomain ( to – note the period at the end.

Note that we use survey as an example subdomain but you can use any subdomain you wish.

Here’s a CNAME guide that covers many hosts.

If you have a blog, here’s how to map a subdomain.

Step 2 – Wait for name propagation

It can take up to 4 hours for DNS changes to propagate through, so it is advisable to add the CNAME first and make sure it works before continuing. You can check your new subdomain by trying to load it in a browser.

You will know the CNAME is live when you see the following Surveydaddy error page.
Domain not yet mapped

Step 3 – Adding a domain mapping to your account

Once your CNAME subdomain is working you need to update your account to use this. Go into your My Account page from your dashboard:

At the bottom of this page is a Domain Mapping field. Enter the full subdomain and be sure to click on the blue Save Domain Changes button to save your changes:

From now, all surveys and quizzes created by all your corporate users will use this subdomain.