Custom Email Notifications for Quizzes

In addition to receiving quiz notifications via RSS feed and / or HTTP post to a URL, you can set up a customized email that you will receive when someone responds to your quiz. It’s a snap to set up. Here’s how:

In your dashboard, hover over the title of the quiz for which you’d like to set up notifications. Click on Reports:

Next, at the top of the page, click on Data:

Scroll down toward the bottom of the data page. There, you’ll see all your quiz notification options:

Click on the checkbox next to Enable Email Notifications. Now, we can work on customizing the text and data you’ll receive via email. In the To field, your email address is in place by default. You can choose to add two more email addresses to this field, so that the email will be sent to up to three people in total. Be sure to add a comma between each email address:

Next, you can change the Reply To field. You can input any email address you wish to show as the Reply To address in your email. You can also use the name of the recipient in the Reply To field, however the format must follow: Name <email address> If you have a name question input type in your quiz, you can also use that to populate the Reply To field. Additionally, you can also select the answer to any question that requests an email address as the answer for this field:

Next you can customize the email’s subject line. Be default, we include the quiz’s title and the response ID for the quiz, however, you can choose to enter any text you wish here, or select from among the elements on the dropdown menu, including the answer to any one of the questions in your quiz:

Next, customize the text in the body of the email. Again, you can input any text you choose. You can also choose to include any of the elements from the dropdown list, including the answers to any questions you choose, or even the entire first page of your quiz. You can even input HTML into the body of the email:

To ensure your custom email content takes effect, be sure to click on the blue, Update Settings button: