Creating a Quiz

Here’s how easy it is to create a quiz in Surveydaddy (check out the video tutorial at the bottom of this page to see a demonstration on how to create a quiz):

Login to your Surveydaddy dashboard. Click on the big blue Create a new… dropdown and select Quiz:

Give your quiz a name, and select a preset style for it. We chose Graphite just because:

Now let’s set the options under Participant results. The default setting here is Show full results to the participants once they finish the quiz, and we’re going to keep that in place for our quiz. You can also select a passing score from the dropdown and choose whether to show a progress meter to your quiz participants. The progress meter tells a participant what page they’re on in relation to the number of pages in the quiz:

Let’s set up some custom messages that our participants will see before they start the quiz, and after they complete it. (Note that custom finish messages are available to Pro and Corporate customers.) Be creative! Have fun with your messages. Be sure to inject a little personality into the quiz to set participants at ease:

Let’s finalize the quiz options. You can choose when to close your quiz, be it on a date that you choose, or after a certain number of quiz completions. You can also choose to assign a language pack, to change any of the default button and quiz text to any text in any language you like. You can then decide whether or not you want to allow repeat quiz completions, to set an IP address restriction to allow say, a certain organization to participate in the quiz, an whether or not to set a password that will be require to open the quiz.

When you’re done setting options, click on the blue Save & Add Questions button:

Click and drag quiz elements from the column on the left to the quiz area. Let’s put in a page header:

Now, click and drag a multiple choice question over and type in your question and the possible answers. Once you’ve got your question and the possible answers worded just the way you like, click on the blue Done Editing button. Repeat the process to add as many quiz questions as you like!

Once you’ve got your questions all set, it’s time to click on the blue Finish & Embed button:

Now you can release your quiz into the wild, on unsuspecting participants. You can embed your quiz as a website pop-up, inline in your website, post a direct link to it on Twitter, “Like” the quiz and post a link to it on your Facebook page, conduct it via your iPad, create a direct link to share, embed a link to it in a QR code, or embed it in an email.

Check out our screencast on how to create a quiz: