Adding Images

Here’s how to add an image to survey / quiz questions or answers.

Click on the Media button to the right of your question or one of your answers in the survey editor or the quiz editor, depending on the type of content you’re working on.

Click on Upload, then Choose File to select an image from your computer. Remember, images must be no bigger than one megabyte in size. Surveydaddy supports gif, jpeg, and png images. If you select the check box to make the image available to all content, the image will be available to all your surveys and quizzes. Leaving the box unchecked means that the image will be available to the survey or quiz you’re working on only.

Once you’ve selected your file, click on the big blue, Upload button:

Once your upload is complete, you’ll see a tiny thumbnail of your image next to the media button:

Once you save your survey or quiz, your uploaded images will show below the question if you uploaded the image to the question, or below the corresponding answer if you uploaded the image to an answer.